HoloWars is a Real-Time-Strategy Collective-Card-Game, or short: a RTSCCG.

The HoloSphere

In a not too distant future warfare has evolved from real battlefields into virtual space – the HoloSphere.
You as a factions leader fight over territory commanding programs and artificial intelligences with the goal to destroy the enemies main computing unit: the NexusCore. The warfare economy adjusted and a race for the most powerful programs and HoloWeapons is an ongoing competition.

Execute powerful artificial-intelligence-programs that fight your enemy with pure HoloWeapon-power or hack his programs to gain advantage on the battlefield. Upload hidden programs into your NexusCore and unleash them for an instant powerful effect that may decide loss or victory and finally destroy your opponents NexusCore, the source of his power.


HoloWars is currently in development and planned to be released in 2014.


  • Collect and build your own decks out of a variety of cards to utilize unique synergies of different programs and AIs
  • Play strategically deep and tactically multiplayer-games online, or play the single-player campaign offline
  • Enjoy a flavorful setting filled with hackers, holographic figures and thrilling battles
  • Pay once to collect all cards – No Free2Play, no additional payments for boosters. Currency to buy boosters is only earned by playing the game – no strings attached.