New Unit Type and much more

No more buildings

During the holidays I reworked much of the game. You can see new screenshots in the gallery and in the video above.
I actually got rid of buildings. This was a hard step as the micro management seems integral to a common real-time strategy-game. I just couldn’t generate a scenario in which it was actually fun to micromanage buildings and workers or made the overall strategic decisions deeper/better. I may decide that they are necessary later on but for now they are gone. You can see in my previous post and also in the newest video how unit dropping will work for now.

More details and better overview

Another major change is the increased camera zoom level and the decreased average number of units that will be generated during a round. These changes do actually go hand in hand. Right now I am really trying to make the game not too complicated in terms of playing. I still want it to be tactically deep, but having to micromanage 100 units and deciding which cards to play AND finding possible targets for card effects just was a real pain. So now there’s much less units on average, the zoom level is closer into the battlefield and the maps are slightly smaller.
I utilized Blender to create new models for many things in the game and I think the new closer look on things really benefits from details I added during the modelling process.

New Unit Type

In addition to the changes mentioned above the visualization of effects is everything but optimal. If 4 units attack 4 other units and each of them has an effect applied it becomes very difficult to see which unit is triggering what area effects on which targets. To ease that situation some of the unit effects will be utilized by a new unit type called “Beacon”. Beacons are stationary units that can be destroyed just like tanks. They will likely have a higher base health pool and are mainly there to generate an effect in an area around them. Beacons are also shown in the above video, but they do not effect the tanks around them in the games version the video was created off.

Going on

The last days have been great to build a better foundation for future development of HoloWars and I am looking forward to go on. If you like HoloWars please make sure to follow me on twitter (@TimTipGames) or to subscribe to the HoloWars Newsletter. You can find the corresponding links and form on the top right of this site.

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  • Arelista  says:

    I am excited to play this soon!

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