Lot’s of things done

Although it is very satisfying to have the multiplayer implemented, the act of doing so wasn’t. I had to work a lot on code and sync issues and had to change quiet some things behind the scenes. Pretty much everything I had to do was code work. It is absolutely awesome to play the game in multiplayer now but as important as it is, it’s a feature that is very hard to show on video let alone screenshots. So once I was done with it, I started to overhaul the UI and fixed a lot of annoying bugs that had to do with unit-selection and resource management. I added two new screenshots to the gallery that show some of the new UI fetures.

I also added a minimap that replaces the UI elements that showed who captured which territory beacons.

A new window  serves as chat and card-log. Whenever a player plays a card, a corresponding log entry is created in that window. Hovering over a card will show it in detail. That should make it easier to see what is going on and to learn about cards that your opponent plays which you didn’t know or can’t remember completely.  Here’s a screenshot showing it: 

New UI and chat-card-log in action

New UI and chat-card-log in action

In recent versions of HoloWars you had to send your workers to the place you wanted to build a building at and had to click a “build” button once the worker reached it’s target. I changed that behavior to the classical way where you choose a target location for the building with your mouse and the worker will automatically go there and build the building once the destination is reached. That eases a lot of the micromanagement that had to be done by the player before as one had to wait for each worker to reach the target location before one could build.

I removed the action-menu that was located at the left border of the screen (you can see that in some of the older screenshots) and moved all relevant actions to the actors who are involved. So build-menus will appear next to selected workers and unit-production menus will appear next to buildings. Here’s another screenshot to show a worker with it’s corresponding menu (A menu next to a building is also visible on the screen above):

A worker and it's menu

A worker and it’s menu

There’s also a new tactical view that shows a colored grid to indicate the range of units to allow for better positioning. It’s still pretty confusing so I’ll show that once it’s done.

I am very happy with how everything’s coming along and still am eager to create a video …

Coming next:

  • New cards
  • New unit types (Soldiers and a flying type)

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