Working on multiplayer support

It’s been a bit quite here for a few days.  Mainly because I have been taking part in the recent Ludum Dare competition. If you like you can check out a game I made in 48 hours HERE

Regarding HoloWars I made a big step forward in that the multiplayer is working for 90% of the games mechanics. I will spend the rest of the week and the beginning of next week to fix the remaining bugs and make sure that the network experience is smooth for everyone. It has actually been a lot of work to get the networking implemented but I am happy with the result. The underlying code also allows for easy implementation of new cards without touching much of the network code.

I realized that there’s still very little information about HoloWars in my blog posts that could give a coherent picture of what I want it to be like.

In order to fill those gaps I still want to do a video about HoloWars to also show some footage of the game. The only video available is still from the 7DRTS jam and isn’t even close to the state of the game. So stay tuned!

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