I have been working on a rule set for HoloWars in the past two days. I also drafted some more cards to see how it will all come together. I think this is crucial right now before I go on with development of the game.

As the things that I am working on right now is a lot of “behind the scenes stuff” I thought I could do a little video explaining how the game works right now, and what it will be like in the near future. I hope to start doing dev videos the coming weekend.

Here’s a screen of some of the cards that I have implemented in the current version to play around with. Now that I refine the rules, I don’t know yet which of these cards are going to be in the final game. Also there are going to be at least three different colors for cards that correlate to a play style and specific game mechanics. And I have to improve the readability :)


Some WIP cards. Click to enlarge

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