HoloWars Introduction

HoloWars is a Real-Time-Strategy Collective-Card-Game or how the kids call it: a RTSCCG.

HoloWars combines two classical game elements:

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Collective Card games. The RTS gameplay follows traditional routes but is condensed into two main elements: Farming resources and building factories, workers and tanks. This highly stylized RTS paradigm is than extended by a myriad of possible card combinations into a deeply tactical game.


  • The Collective Card Game (CCG) comes into play when you use the same resources that your workers gather to expand on the battlefield ┬áto play cards at any time. Summon units in the middle of your enemies base, apply a healing effect to a unit and all allied units surrounding it or simply speed up all your units. Following a distinct rule set you can build a deck suitable for your play style. Focus on build speed, terrain advantage, healing, plain gun power or whatever you focus your cards on.

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